Saturday 29 August 2015

Bare Metal!

L-to-R: Officer or Command Staff Plume, 
Tsolyáni Helmet Plume, 
Yán Koryáni Helmet Plume.

Various Banner Plumes. Legion of Sérqu on the right.

Tsolyáni Shields: Ever-Present Glory, Sérqu, Lady Mríssa, Sapphire Kirtle 

Various Weapons. 

Note that the two long handled, jagged-edged weapons are the same zig-zag sword. Eureka molded it with a long "tag" sprouting from the handle, presumably to help with metal flow. They shipped them with that bit of extra metal still attached, with the curl as per the sword third from the right. My friend sent his to another friend to be painted and that friend straightened the curved bit of metal to make exotic looking spears!  

The other thing about this sword is that, in addition to being a pole weapon, it can be made into three different swords. As it is it is more like a bastard sword, being quite long in the blade. If you trim off the last zig you get a regular length sword and if you trim the next zag you get a short sword! Pretty cool, eh?

Baron Áld, ruler of Yán Kór.

A Giant Wasp @ $12US

The contents of a Hlutrgú Flotilla.

The contents of a Hlutrgú Warband.

Weapon Sprues from the Mara Demons. 

I think I am going to try making some cool polearms from these. Just a bit of trimming and drilling is all it should take. Could be doing it now if I weren't typing this text...

Qól Characters

Qól Horde

Qól Palanquin

The original Shén dollies

The Shén shields all in a row...

The Legion of Ever-Present Glory head sprue.

The Legion of the Sapphire Kirtle Kérdu and some bits.

The Legion of Sérqu head sprue and spear tip.

The Legion of Sérqu quiver.

The Legion of Sérqu weapon sprue.

Yán Koryáni Female Officer

Yán Koryáni Musician, with gong.

Yán Koryáni Officer 2

Yán Koryáni Standard Bearer, with the Tléku Miriyá banner.

Yán Koryáni Officer 1, with command staff.

Yán Koryáni, MI 2-Handed Thrusting Female.

Yán Koryáni, MI 2-Handed Thrusting Male 1.

Yán Koryáni, MI 2-Handed Thrusting Male 2.

Yán Koryáni Female Head Sprue.

Yán Koryáni Male Head Sprue.

Tléku Miriyá Crossbow Pavise and bits.

Tléku Miriyá Shields - I & II

Valiant of Ké'er Shield


  1. So what are the prices for these items?

    1. Hi John, Well, some like the Giant Wasp, the Hlutrgu and the Qol are available either through the Tekumel Club (for the latter two) or the Garden of Kama (for the former.) I've just taken some new pictures, is all. The others are pictures of bits and things I need (or want) to get cast. And sometimes molded then cast. I would like to be able to offer conversion sets, for example, with helmet plumes and the like. And weapons sets. Unfortunately I can only afford to do one thing at a time these days. I'm looking at doing a series of Indiegogo campaigns to fund the various things that need to be done. ie. "Raise $1500 to fund casting of Tleku Miriya 1 figures", etc. Limited goals and limited rewards. The pics are part of the process of setting that up. :-)