Sunday, 16 November 2014

Putting together a Command Platform...

Far Eastern "Community Building" by Sarissa Precision

Actually these go together so easily that you hardly need any input from me. I just wanted to touch on some things I've encountered.

1) The building is designed so the roof comes off, but in doing so they designed it so that the walls were intended to be glued to the platform. Of course, I want the platform but then would like the option of using it for its original purpose - and I still want the lift off roof. To do this I have to leave the holes in the floor. No problem there, as I am intending to have rugs and daises (and people) covering the surface anyway. The problem is going to be with the walls of the structure which are pretty flimsy, being very open. My solution is take the triangular cutouts from these same walls and glue them in the four corners - top and bottom - to act as bracing for the structure. I will then just have to build a box to keep it in to make sure it doesn't get bashed about.

2) I am going to glue the platform in place but I want to finish the base before I do that. If I were just using it as a command platform just set up for the battle I would do the base as normal for my bases. But I want to use it for its original purpose and I am thinking it might work well with our upcoming Swamp Folk. And guess where they prefer to live? My current thinking is to put tufts of grasses around the perimeter and slightly under the platform but to otherwise to the base in irregular areas of sand. If I then use black or black/blue or black/green for the inside part of the base I might be able to make it look like its in shadow and also leave the possibility that the ground is swampy. Or is that expecting too much?

3) The other thing I am considering is whether to paint the platform or not. I have an idea to paint it a blue suitable for Tsolyánu and perhaps weather it a bit. Or should I leave it the "natural" wood?

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  1. Thank you for your posting about this!!! I really like this building, in all the forms you are using it.

    Swamp folk prefer islands out in the big swamps, so your description of what you want to do is very accurate. I'd also suggest leaving things a natural wood - or nicely stained - so you could use it for multiple things.

    - chirine