Sunday, 9 March 2014

What's Happening?

Apologies for the long break in posting anything...stuff has been going on albeit slowly.

I am about to place some re-stock orders for things like Ahoggya arms and other sets that I am running low on. In the case of the Ahoggya I have lots of bodies but have run out of halberd arms, for example. Hlutrgu warbands are also out and I am running low on Sacrifice and Puppet Master sets.

In addition, the Sapphire Kirtle master mold is done and next up is production molds and then some castings.

I've also touched base with Jeff about getting the Tinaliya and Swamp Folk back on track. (Basically I have to give him some quantities and then scrounge up money to pay for them!)

On the sculpting front, John is plugging away at the Red D's.

Federico is making Shen shield variants plus a selection of other fantasy shields. He has also been working on figures for the Garden of Kama range - Khmer, Amazons and Cham. I am intending him to do the fancy prows and sternposts for the galleys and canoes.

David is working on Lorun tribal warriors. He has been trying out some things and will hopefully have some pictures for me soon.

I've had the porter figures molded but there was a minor disaster during molding and I have to try and fix two of the figures before we can move forward as planned. :-(

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