Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Release for 2014!

Just before Christmas I received a box containing 20 x "Hordes" of the Silver Worm skirmisher girls (10 figures, 2 poses). Along with those were 100 each of the new Shén Troopers, a 1-handed weapon pose and a 2-handed weapon (weapon upright) pose. Lastly, the box had 100 x Lord Freshsháyu hiTurukén, a human general commanding one of Tsolyánu's Shén mercenary legions.

AE-YK 142 The Gurék of the Clan of the Silver Worm - Horde (LI Slings) $40.00

PF 21 Shén - Warband (Full Command plus 10 Troopers) $60.00
PF 22 Shén - Horde (10 Troopers) $50.00
PF 23 Shén - Single Figure $6.00

HA 11 Lord Freshsháyu hiTurukén, Kérdu of the Legion of the City of Chrí $6.00

Coming soon are the three final Shén civilian figures shown below...


  1. Oh, how very cool! May I ask, will there be specific command figures for the slingers, or will they be part of the rest of the Gurek? Thanks!

    yours, chirine

  2. That's a good question. We're doing command for Tsolyanu's LI legions. Hadn't really decided for Yan Kor's more "irregular" skirmishers whether they should have command. We don't have command figures for the Makhis longbowmen yet either. The slingers for the Silver Worm Gurek are all young girls - I'm afraid I could have done a better job with the ruler, but it does show how tall they are, if not in the best way. I suppose if we did command they would be adults...

    Comments and suggestions welcome. Is that what you guys would prefer?



  3. Looking good!

    I will admit that I am undecided about skirmisher command miniatures. Might be nice, though...

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