Friday, 12 July 2013

Cats and Dogs...

...for Tékumel!

From the Té website:

The Tiúni (cat): Not a common pet in the south (it can’t cope with the local equivalent of the mouse), but found in cooler northern regions, where vermin don’t pack quite the same armament.

The Tlékku (dog): Several breeds exist. Hunting dogs are like big setters.
With Mega Miniatures closing down I have taken the opportunity to pick up some moulds that I think will "fit" in with our ranges. The first batch of moulds arrived the other day and will be in production by the Fall. These first moulds are animals: two poses of cats (sitting and reclining on it's back), a Dingo, two birds: a Flamingo and a Pelican. I chose the Dingo because I wanted a sort of generic dog rather than choose a single identifiable breed. So by the above description, not one of the "hunting breeds", but IMO a good example of "man's best friend" regardless. The flamingos and pelicans are just meant to be generic scenery items to dress up the table with.

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  1. woot. I have a set of their cats. Had meant to get a set of dogs, but haven't found the time/resources coincidence.