Friday, 15 June 2012

More Concept Art...

Ghatóni Horn and Standard sketches

The little nation of Ghatón is located in the North-West. They are what I consider one of Tékumel's "bad guys", being particularly nasty in their treatment of women. Their primary use militarily is that they are the only nation to have "tamed" the Sérudla beast and organized them for war. 

Ghatóni Troops in battle, accompanied by armoured Sérudla.

Illustration taken from the cover of "The Armies of Tekumel, Volume 2, Yán Kór and Allies."

Tumíssa Crossbow legion banners - preliminary sketches

Tumíssa is a medium-sized city in western Tsolyánu at the edge of the Pán Chákan forests. Many of the clans in this region are devoted to Vimúhla, the Lord of Fire, one of the Tsolyáni Lords of Change. As such, a flame motif seemed appropriate for the two crossbow legions fielded out of the city:

The Legion of the Citadel of Glory; 13th Imperial Crossbowmen
The Legion of Lord Kharihaya; 14th Imperial Crossbowmen

Tumíssa Crossbowmen in action

Illustration taken from  "The Legions of Petal Throne", an early set of wargames rules for Tékumel.

Both are uniformed in a similar manner but on further research using the excellent web-book "The Deeds of the Ever-Glorious" it was discovered that  Lord Kharihaya's legion likely favoured Lord Karakán, God of War, one of the Tsolyáni Lords of Stability, over Lord Vimúhla.

As a result, one of those banner sketches will be re-tasked and assigned to another legion of flame-worshipers, such as the Legion of the Searing Flame; 10th Imperial Heavy Infantry.  

The Deeds of the Ever-Glorius can be found as a PDF download from RPGNow - it is highly recommended and, currently on sale for only 3.87GBP, is well worth it! 

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