Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Completed Dháru and Vánu troops, Sculpted by Allan Marsh

I found a pic Allan sent me of the completed figures (plus the Ahoggyá bits.) 

The cities of  Dháru and Vánu are on the coast in north-eastern Yán Kór. The halberdiers usually fight paired with a man with sword and shield. The latter protects the pair from missile fire with his shield. Such combinations are common to Tékumeli warfare. One formation popular with the Yán Koryáni is known as the "Meadows of Death". When adopted, lighter missile-armed troops are interspersed with heavier, melee troops. 


  1. I'm excited at the prospect that these two Gureks might be available for purchase. They certainly offer an interesting armor diversion compared to the balance of the YanKor. You are doing a great job Howard.

  2. I'll second the excitement! Next to the Legion of the Lord of Red Devestation. these have long been favorites of mine!