Sunday 1 April 2012

Resin Ahoggyá!

Resin Ahoggyá bodies molded by Jeff Trnka of JTFM

Here is a pic of our upcoming Ahoggyá models - both armoured and unarmoured variants - along side our Princess Vrísa Vishétru figure for scale. The arms are being done in metal by RAFM and fit the socket holes like a charm (finally something goes right!)

The arm variants can be seen here, in their "green" stage.

The intent is to sell them in sets of 10 or as individual models. Unfortunately, these are turning out to be quite costly and as a consequence will be our highest priced release yet. It's not decided yet but the full retail for a set is likely to be close to $110.00US.

Tékumel Club members will get their club discount, of course, which will help make it a little less painful.

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