Saturday, 21 April 2012

K is for Ksárul - The Doomed Prince of the Blue Room

Priest and Priestess of Ksárul, sculpted by Rod Campbell

Ksárul is one of the five High Lords of Change and is known as the "Ancient Lord of Secrets" and the "Master of Magic and Sorcery." Ages ago he warred with the other gods and they locked him in a prison known as the "Blue Room."

His priesthood seek knowledge in the pursuit of power and are ever searching for the ten lost keys that will set their lord free. When conducting rituals, or on temple duty, they conceal their faces with smiling masks; of silver for the priests, with those of the priestesses being of black lacquered wood. Both wear black robes and squarish mortarboard-shaped headdresses of black velvet.

The pair shown above are posed for riding in a palanquin which is borne by eight of their Qól servitors. Sculpted by Rod Campbell of Highlander Studios. On foot variants are planned, clad similarly and in a variant costume, along with a warrior priest and priestess. 

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