Tuesday 10 April 2012

G is for Gurék

A Gurék is the Yán Koryáni equivalent of a legion. The actual organization is variable depending largely upon the skills and available manpower* of whomever raises it. Before being united under the banner of Yán Kór by the Baron Áld, the clans and cities of the North were fiercely independant. Each major city or large warrior clan maintains a mixed force referred to as a Gurék. The strengths of the Guréks vary considerably from city to city, or clan to clan, as do the troop types contained within them. One might contain contingents of heavy and medium infantry spearmen, with archers for support. The city of Ke’ér is noted for favouring the morning star. Others have large numbers of light infantry or prefer crossbows to archers.

* note that on Tékumel aridáni women warriors are relatively common, particularly in Yán Kór.

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