Thursday, 5 April 2012

E is for Egg of the World

The Egg of the World is some semi-mythical concept and/or object that Tsolyáni associate with the creation of the World. Some theologians hold that the Egg of the World was created by Hnálla, the Supreme Principle of Stability and Master of Light, first of the Five Lords of Stability in the Tsolyáni pantheon. They hold that when he dropped the Egg as a result of the other Gods bickering, it shattered with all the shards becoming the men, plants, animals and other creatures that inhabit the world.

Or it could be an item of mystical power, for every Tsolyáni child knows the story of how the Undying Wizard, Subadím the Sorcerer scaled the mighty Thénu Thendráya Peak, the tallest peak in Tsolyánu's northern mountain range, in search of the Egg, and of his "High Eyrie" located on the slopes of said peak, from whence he set off on his search. His magical creations are said to still await his return.

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