Friday 11 November 2011

Just how big is a Chlén Beast?

Art by Paul Allan Ballard

The two lines in the above picture represent the approximate height of the average Tsolyáni male - who stands about 1.68M tall, IIRC.

Our figures are 28mm to the eye, so about 30mm to top of head (give or take.)

So however tall the average male is - assuming it is one of those lines - then that line will represent 30mm on the Chlén model.

I have a sculptor waiting for instructions so I need to figure this out...


  1. That's a nice looking chlen.

  2. Thanks!

    I forgot to credit the artist: Paul Ballard.

    But the comments I really want are which of the two lines do people think is the correct height for the average Tsolyáni male. It will affect how large we make the model...

  3. See my comments over here -

  4. I love this! Very cool looking chlen!