Saturday, 13 August 2011

Wax On, Wax Off...

Or rather:

"Left Wing, Right Wing, Body, Prince"


Fifty times.

That was the process used for bagging up our new Imperial Messenger Vignette. I should note that this step was preceded by a sorting phase where the left and right wings were put into little piles, and by the "take baggy and open it" part; and it was followed by "zip baggy shut, take another baggy" (and so on.)

I left the labels till the end. I have found they are a handy check that I have all the packs accounted for as I know exactly how many labels are on each sheet and can easily see how many I have used and are left unused.

This was repeated for the Puppet Master Vignette (seven parts) and the Sacrifice Set (4 parts.) For the columns, I put them in baggies, one of each, even though technically they are sold separately. To date, people have been buying one of each anyway. Note that when I say repeated, I mean repeated fifty times for each set.

The Hlaka proper were a little more complicated as I had to first separate piles of left and right flying wings and left and right landed wings. What I did was take a box with ten plastic trays in it. Then I put the correct quantities of each component in the Hlaka troop sets into each tray - each tray representing a set. This allowed me to work in a controlled fashion and have the sets all nicely sorted. After every ten I bagged the lot, one tray at a time. Then I repeated the process. I haven't completed all 100 sets yet, but I'm getting there.

This is the least fun part of our business and I keep forgetting how long it takes to do. :-(


  1. Hang in there Howard, and we appreciate it!!

  2. If it were all fun, everyone would do it..