Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Summer Catalogue uploaded...

Our first Tekumel Project "2011 Summer Catalogue" has been uploaded. The download link is over on the Tekumel Club blog, which is where we sell our stuff anyway...


It's google docs, and according to the settings it is supposed to be available to everyone "with no login required" but some people have said it ain't working for them.

If it doesn't work for you I can email you a copy - LMK at:

green27 -AT- sympatico -DOT- ca


  1. I have a suggestion on how to mold the Ahoggya:
    Look at one from the top and divide into four slices keeping one leg attached to each slice, take a wedge out of each slice and add to the adjoining slice to "key" each piece so they can be more easily aligned. Cast each arm with weapon as one piece.

  2. Some truly amazing figures there. Guess I'll be saving up my pennies for an investment then!