Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Biridlú (aka the Mantle)

Sculpted by Carolyn Bussey, Resin Casting by JTFM

Jeff Trnka sent me these pictures of the first resin casting of Carolyn's beastie. Turned out rather nice I reckon. Carolyn did a really good job on the teeth and Jeff has managed to cast them nicely. I didn't have any worries really as his stuff is always super-detailed. It's quite amazing the grab handles and rails and other small details he somehow manages to cast on his 1/56th scale WW2 tanks.

What is it, you ask? It's a Biridlú, also called the Mantle. There are similar things in D&D and other games - I think in D&D it is called the Darkmantle. At least I have a D&D plastic miniature by that name. Only the D&D miniature is tiny. These creatures are supposed to fall/float down from above and engulf the party or at least one person. My D&D miniature couldn't engulf a Hobbit! Carolyn's model is larger and looks like it could engulf and smother a full grown man.

My understanding is these were being cast up so it won't be long until we have them available.

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