Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Legion of Lord Lángsha of Jaikalór

8th Imperial Medium Infantry

Jeff Dee just sent me this finished concept drawing of one of Tsolyánu's medium infantry legions: The Legion of Lord Lángsha of Jaikalór. This legion has not previously been illustrated before - at least, not in any Tékumel-related publication that I am aware of. Its arms are listed as two-handed axe and dagger. It is described as having a light visored helm and breastplate only. The brief painting guide at the back of the Tsolyáni army book hints at the helmet being plumed.


  1. Hi Howard.
    Nice drawing.
    He looks a bit like a short N'luss.
    Maybe he should be wearing a tunic?
    The Army book color guide calls up a tunic color.


  2. The kilt is derived from the Vrayani slingers. As far as a tunic goes, I think the armour between the legions varies quite a bit. Lady Mrissa's troops, for example, are shown with neither boots nor tunic. OTOH, other legions are very heavily clad. This design was based upon Jaikalor being in one of the hotter parts of Tsolyanu.