Sunday, 17 April 2011

This Is Not An Update!

Borrowing from "The Prisoner" just a bit, here is my non-update non-post of the week. Sorry for the lack of news, but there hasn't been any reportable progress to report. And last week was just crazy for me time-wise what with working late most nights, and finally getting a proper family doctor after about ten years without!

Well, OK, I guess there is stuff to report - sort of:

I might be delving into Original EPT - and I might start a blog for that so I can ramble on without interfering with the Tékumel Project stuff. I recently started to take a closer look at the old rules and I am wondering how bad it would be to use them with all the newer ideas just grafted on...

And I may also start a blog for "A Band of Joyous Heroes" which I haven't given up on - no siree.

I've made some progress on the background books which I think some of you know I've been working on. Not so much writing background, as such, just trying to come up with ways to present it differently. As picture books, with some text descriptions, but primarily art depicting various aspects of Tékumel . Initially I was thinking B&W because of expense but now I think they will be primarily colour with some B&W. The intent is that these books would be entirely "rules free". I've made contact with one colour artist I really like, and have feelers out for others...

On the miniatures side there are some resin beasties in the works - did I post a picture yet? Nothing big, just one that I have been calling the "Bloated Servitor" and another that under D&D is called a "Nightmantle", if I'm not mistaken. These are supposed to be in the molding casting - or in the queue to be done (there's always a queue, isn't there?!)

Also in a queue is the Hlaka Messenger vignette which is being molded or may have just been molded this last week. I have requested 50 sets. I haven't tried to work out a price yet.

No word on how the casting troubles we recently had with the Ahoggya masters are working out - replacements are on their way from Australia.

I have also recently commissioned some figures to fill some other gaps in the range, namely the Renyu and Tinaliya.

Lastly, today I found another artist who does "monster" sculpts who I think might be interested in doing work for us... really, as you can see, I have nothing new to report! ;-)

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