Wednesday, 23 February 2011

More Swampy Goodness...

More Swamp Folk Pics

Ian sent me these and apologized for the poor quality of the pics, saying he'd send better ones tomorrow. But can I wait that long - No Sireee! :-)

These are not quite finished yet, specifically the left hand of the swordsman. I am quite happy with them finished or unfinished. So these along with those shown last post are the first three Swamp Folk ever to be sculpted (AFAIK) - the intent is to have them Mastered and then do a few more variants so that we have a decent assortment to release when the time comes.


  1. Very nice. I'll second the call for Hlüss armor...

    How tall are these minis?

  2. We worked out the height based upon a work of published art showing them interacting with humans in a marketplace. Can't remember where that was from - the brown sourcebook, perhaps?

    Anyway, we were aiming at 25-26mm to the eye.

  3. Nice work and excellent technique with the putty handling.

    have you figured out how you're going to get these molded? The close position of the legs and the body generally at right angles is going to cause some interesting technical problems. Are they multi-part?

  4. I wondered about that, but Nic (of Eureka) cast the Ahoggya with all four legs on a base so it must be possible.