Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Coolest Thing on the Web!

The coolest thing I found online today has to be Dave's Mapper!

Ok, maybe I am easily amused, but this would have been so awesome back when I was playing D&D...

Still, maybe it can handle the Jakallan Underworld. I wonder if there are any underground river tiles...


  1. This is cool. I am trying to find out how to submit tiles. I would love to create some specifically Tekumel tiles, though, I am not sure what that means yet...
    I love that it mixes archetectural tiles with cavern tiles, because it works really well with the idea of excavated structures after a Ditlana..

    River tiles would be nice, but problematic for the geomoprhic aspect. Would have to be tagged somehow, and the software would have to link them, then build around them..

  2. Thanks for the link!

    > I wonder if there are any underground river tiles...

    Feel free to make some and e-mail me and I'd be happy to add them. Same goes for you, kokigami. Eventually I might add a tile uploader, but in the meantime just contact me directly if you're interested in contributing. My e-mail address is on the "About" screen.

  3. @kokigami: There are quite a few underground river/lake tiles in the Monkey Map tiles ( There are no fixed water exits on the tiles, since I want them to be compatible with all the other tiles. But one can assume that the subterranean rivers connect through tunnels that are not shown.

    If you take make Tekumel-flavored tiles, I'd love to see them.