Sunday, 26 December 2010

Best Christmas Present Ever...

(well, almost) - arrived Christmas Eve, in the form of a parcel from Nic at Eureka Miniatures.

Inside were various unreleased Masters and Greens. :-)

I have slowly been examining the contents:

Ahoggya bodies - armoured and unarmoured variants plus a slew of arms - IIRC, there are 3 different swords, a mace, a ball and chain, a heavy spear, crossbow, pointing hand, clenched fist (designed to be drilled out to hold something), and a shield arm. Also included are the quiver for the crossbow bolts and the same shield only not attached to an arm.

Question: What would an Ahoggya Standard look like for one of their mercenary units? Would they have one? Perhaps something like a Shen standard?

Yan Koryani - Heavy Archers. In scale mail. Intended to be used to make the Rulla Gurek. Includes Persan style bow/arrow cases. Still need to convert some YK Heavy infantry to also have bows with their normal weapons to be the other Rulla troopers - need to add straps to the basic sculpt, Also Standard and shield - possible unique weapons, but I can't recall.

Clan of the Silver Worm - 2 poses of skirmisher girls. These look to be girls in mid-teens I would guess based upon the size. Also Standard, shield and particular weapons for the regular troops.

Defense Against Evil - the YK Gurek. Standard, shield and weapons.

Makhis Gurek - Archers, standard, shields and weapons. I think some more figures are need for this, though we could release the longbowmen before the rest of the Gurek, I suppose.

Dharu and Vanu - the greens Alan did last summer, plus all the shields and weapons. Standard still needs to be done, as do the command figures. Probably get the clan Leaders done as well. Might still get a variant of the Halberdiers and Swordsmen done in armour more like the art - probably get John Winter to do this.

Various other Yan Kor troops that we had done a long time ago (when Alan did the head swaps.) I haven't looked at them all, but they look to be the two handed sword poses, at least: 2 x male, 1 x female times 3 head variants for each. These were, IIRC, for the Clan of the Black Bough. Still need standard design for this unit.

The next stuff I ask Nic to send will be some of the Yan Koryani molds - including a mold of just helmet plumes - and yes, these will be available separately! There are molds for weapons as well so expect to see weapons packs as well. And I expect each shield design will be available for purchase separately as well. Also the Hlaka - which have one mold for bodies and another for wings.

The Shen - I have masters for these, but the master mold will also be sent over as well. Expect these a soon as I can in the New Year. I hope to do more Shen in the Future as well.

All this made for a very enjoyable Christmas - not to mention one of my brothers dropped by with his family - turns out one of my Niece's has a gamer boyfriend. She said he'd get along well with her Dad and Uncles as "He likes computer games like Dad, he paints figures like Uncle How, and is Smart and likes Engineering stuff like Uncle Stuart!!!" :-)

Hope everyone else had a great Holiday Weekend! :-)

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