Saturday 3 July 2010

Where does the time go...

So - another month gone by. Where did the time go? Was anything accomplished? Why no updates?

Fair Questions!

Things have been happening, though at seemingly glacial speed:

1) The Hlutrgu are finished and have been shipped to the caster. Unfortunately, these will not be molded until later in the month - not with this weekend being a major US holiday and next weekend being Historicon (unless I am mistaken.) First masters have to be molded and samples sent for inspection - then the production molds will be made. I am hoping for a September release date - based on my experience on how things get delayed in the miniatures business.

2) John is 99% done the blanks - he assures me - so I hope to soon get an email saying they are ready to be mailed to me and then on to the caster. I have been thinking up stuff for him to work on in the time between finishing and getting the castings back. Hopefully things will progress quickly on to some figures once the blanks are cast up and delivered.

3) Art work is progressing slowly. I have an artist doing concept sketches for armour on future releases so as to avoid the cock-ups that have plagued the Dharu and Vanu figures! Unfortunately, he has work commitments that mean he will be leaving after his current slate of work is done.

4) A Band of Joyous Heroes and Kerdu - progress is slow and playtesting ongoing. Those interested in helping should email me.

5) The Ahoggya "kit" is finished being sculpted. Pictures coming tomorrow - with luck.

6) Another sculptor is starting shortly. I'm just working out the details on what he is to do. I am preparing a big "push" to get the Tsolyani battalia filled out a bit.

7) Resin beasties in the form of Chlen and Serudla are being sculpted, as well as smaller Tekumel creatures such as the Biridlu.

Meanwhile, other people have been doing more productive stuff. Like painting their legions!

Check out Greg's excellent work on the Legion of Ever-Present Glory

I wish my figures forces were as complete!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out Howard!

    Hope to see new minis soon...