Friday 30 July 2010

Tekumel Source Book Poll

In an effort to move forward with the concept of regional sourcebooks for Tsolyanu and Tekumel in general, I have created a poll on the Tekumel Yahoogroup. The idea is to attempt to identify areas of interest and establish a starting point.

The poll is located here:


The first step as I see it is to identify areas of interest. The next step will be select a region based on the interest indicated by the poll. The third step will be to form a working group to collate the available data and move forward towards a draft document. This would include cartography and art. The fourth step would be to compile the information into the document and move forward with publication.

If you think this is a worthy effort then please indicate your interest by voting in the poll.


  1. It would be an excellent idea to collate material based upon Tekumeli Regions. The Protectorates, The Large Feifs, by the Non-humnan locales, etc.
    I desperately would love to see some comprehensive coverage of the Swamps of Ksarul/ Purdimal/Parikana Province. I have cobbled together some RPG Stats on the indiginous local Hehengu/ Hehecharu. I think that theres more local 'Beasites' in the Swamps too. Martin aka "Flaming Looney" or High Procotor Mrittan hi Gribbsa. Clan Associate of Lord Chirene.

  2. I voted Generic Underworld, but I'd be happy with anything on the list, especially the better known cities or most common generic areas (underworld, city of the dead), more so than specific temples. However I'd collect them all.

    Details of tube car lines and stations would also be useful. Or particular ruins.