Monday, 17 May 2010

Those Blanks I was talking about....

Some finished females

Another view

Work-in-progress males

Here are two of the finished female blanks mentioned previously, and two in-progress male blanks. The full list of stuff I'm hoping to fit into our master mold is:

1) Princess Vrisa;
Male blanks:
2) Male Advancing;
3) Male Attacking;
4) Male Running;
5) Male Firing Bow;
6) Male Standing at Ease;
7) Male Sitting Cross-legged;
8) Male Kneeling on one knee;
Female blanks:
9) Female Advancing;
10) Female Attacking;
11) Female Running;
12) Female Firing Bow;
13) Female Standing at Ease;
14) Female Sitting Cross-legged;
15) Female Kneeling on both knees;
16) Female Kneeling on one knee.

It has occurred to me that the Princess's sword might limit space, but we shall just have to deal with that issue when it crops up.


  1. Very Cool!! who will you be selling them through?

  2. That depends upon how they are used - but direct or through Eureka if they get made into specific units.