Thursday, 1 April 2010

Ahoggyá Pics

Ahoggyá with bowman of the Legion of Ever-Present Glory

Another view

More of my stellar photography skills on display!

I took 77 shots, of which only some 14 were any good, and of those I selected these 4 to display. But that's the beauty of digital cameras - no wasted film! :-)

I posed the filthy creature next to one of our bowmen from the Legion of Ever-Present Glory - it's a wonder he could stand the smell!

From another angle

One should note that the EPG bowman is up one level, being mounted on a washer in addition to his base. I think Alan managed to get the size right - a major worry as I know previous versions have been oversized, and I wanted to avoid that pitfall at all costs.

These are "blanks" - that is Alan is still going to do some work on them before they go into production. For one he will add various weapons to the arms - I asked for 8 arm variants at least.

The last picture shows it with two of it's four arms blue-tacked in place (as are the legs.) I didn't try doing all four arms as the blue-tack doesn't hold them in place strongly enough.

With two of four arms attached

Anyway - there it is. I hope everyone will be pleased to finally add Ahoggyá to their forces - both as military units and role-playing games.


  1. Oh yes, nice!

    Looks like the Ahoggya will fit comfortably on a 40mm round base.

  2. Thanks Greg. That washer is 20mm across.

  3. Awesome! I can't wait to get some of these!