Friday, 5 February 2010

New Greens started...

New Female Blanks

One of our US sculptors, John Winter, has sent an "in progress" pic of some female blanks he has been working on. Note that they are a little unfinished - patially due to being, well, unfinished - but also due to the fact that they are only blanks, and not full figures. For those of you who don't know, "blanks", "dollies" or "armatures" are what sculptors often use as a basis for future sculpts.

These will be used for the three Aridáni legions in the Tsolyáni Order of Battle:

The Aridáni Legion of Lady Mríssa;
The Legion of the Sapphire Kirtle;
The Legion of the Twelve Paths of Avánthe;

and also: to provide all female generic light infantry skirmishers.

The male blanks are to follow. When complete, the objective is to provide for the lighter Tsolyáni units, like the Legion of the Inverted Hand, the Ghatóni serving with Yán Kór, and male generic light infantry skirmishers for all nations.

Note: I am out of town and away from my computer until evening of the 7th, so if anyone is trying to reach me - apologies in advance! It's another Road trip up to North Bay Games & Hobbies! :-)


  1. These units, along with Mirkitani and Mrissa, will be most welcome - can't wait!

  2. Hurrah! I'm delighted to see all this activity, and even more delighted to have the news about the two new legions and the greens being done. Great stuff, and I have to get my membership in for the Tekumel Club.

    [Of course, I've converted Foundry 'Darkest Africa' tribeswomen for Sapphire Kirtle, Grenadier 'Amazons' for Lady Mrissa, and RAFM 'Maiden Guards' for Twelve Paths of Avanthe; isn't this the way it always goes, do the coversion just before it comes out from the real manufacturer? *huge grin*!]