Monday, 15 February 2010

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Feeling quite a bit better today (and better now than this AM) - so I thought I'd try a real post!

I'd like to highlight some of the "Blogs of Interest" in the sidebar to the right, and say why they're there.

First Up is Mark Allen who today is showing some of the art he did a Band of Joyous Heroes. (Warning: Nudity! :-0) These sketches are for the armour section of the rules and attempt to show the diversity of styles. I also wanted to emphasize that Tekumel ain't Middle Earth, or Kansas, and that there are no nudity taboos on Tekumel!

Next Up: The Helgraumite Empire - Donald is a fan of our figures and he sure does paint them nice!

Next we have: El Grego's Pewter-Pixel Wars - Also a fan of our figures. I think you'll find he has some nice ideas about basing.

There is, of course, Chirine's Workbench - a hotbed of Tekumel-related activity. (Check out the 28mm Sakbe Road in his older posts!)

Timeshadows has always been supportive. Check out The Grand Tapestry here.

Lastly today I want to mention the Big Red Bat. A fellow Gloranthan fan, he is currently deep into "Project Zama", a huge 28mm Battle of Zama game intended for one of the upcoming UK conventions. Now THAT is what I call dedication and perseverance! Gotta Love those big units! That is how I want my Tekumel armies to look! :-)

They're going to be using modified Command-and-Colors BTW - an excellent choice, and one of my own favourite rules sets.


  1. Thanks. :)
    --It is easy to give my support; this and Chirine's are great fun to read, and very inspiring. :)

  2. Mark's artwork is fantastic! I can't wait to see BoJH completed!