Saturday, 24 October 2009

Hyahyú’u - “the Whooper”

A pack hunter, this 6-legged wolf-like creature it gets its name from the weird “hyaa-hyuu” cry it makes as the pack corners their prey. They generally only attack humans if they significantly outnumber the party, otherwise they tend to avoid contact. It is said they will flee if the party has a Páchi Léi in it; they seem to have a special dread of that nonhuman species.

Instinctual; Aggressive; Dangerous (3D6); Moderate size (+0); Fast (+1); Move: 12”; Wary.

Reputation: 4

Reaper Miniatures makes a good proxy figure: the Bloodwolf.

Note: The picture shown above is from their website, painted by Anne Foerster, and is copyrighted by them. The beast is #02754: Blood Wolf ($5.99), and is sculpted by Sandra Garrity.


  1. I've had four of these beasts painted for Tekumel creatures for a while now. They certainly look the part!

  2. I take it that the stats are for "Joyous Band of Heroes?"