Saturday, 12 September 2009

War Machines

I picked up a boxed set of Warlord Games new Roman War Machines last month to add some artillery to my armies. I already have some RAFM ballista, and some catapults and dart throwers from Mega Miniatures, but this set had some nice crew and extras that tipped my hand. I think I will use the Warlord machines for one of the Tsolyani legions and the others for Yan Kor, with crew scrounged and converted from our YK figures.

Boxed Set

The set I picked up wasn't cheap - at $59.95 CDN - but none of the WG stuff is. It comes with one large, stone-throwing ballista and two dart-throwing scorpions. These are all in resin, light-weight and nicely detailed. The ballista had a bit of flash and some tabs that will have to be trimmed off. The "extras" are a pile of round stones for the ballista and a tub of darts each for the others. Each scorpian is in two pieces, the ballista in four - plus the "extras".

There are eight crew figures. Two for each dart thrower, three for the ballista and a nice Centurian figure. Warlord games also does metal versions of these weapons but my understanding is that the centurian only comes with the boxed set. Obviously they are dressed as Romans but I don't think that will be too much of a problem. Some are unarmoured, the others in chainmail or lorica segmenta. I think the Roman helmets that some wear will make fine "siege helmets" and overall, when painted in Tsolyani colours I think they will suit the part. The Centurian's helmet has two small plumes at the front and he is directing fire with a wooded mace, resting his other arm on his shield. This is separate and will be swopped out for something more exotic. One of the figures has a headband - any ideas for a symbol or slogan to paint on it? The figures are slightly shorter and a little stockier than our figures but I don't see a problem. I stopped being anal about figure scales a long time ago.

I am now debating whether to paint the machines Tsolyani blue, perhaps with colourful designs somewhat in the fashion of Indian War Elephants. I am mindful of something the Professor wrote once about the shields and armour being elaborately decorated in Hindu fashion. (It's in the "Miniatures for Tekumel" booklet.)

War Machines page


  1. Interesting, I'll have to look into getting a set of these. On 9/9/09 Wargames Factory had a one day sale on their Caesar's Legions Box Sets normally $29.95, on sale for $9.95, so I bought two boxes. I'm hoping I might be able to convert them into Tekumel figures.

  2. I bought some two, and some Numidians and a couple sprues of generic light infantry. I figure the extra bits from the Numidians and the Romans can be used on the light infantry. And the mix of bits will make individuals seem more varied. But I plan to use em for Tekumel skirmish..