Thursday, 1 May 2008

May Day! May Day! A New Blog!

Welcome to the new blog for The Tekumel Project. By purest chance our first post comes on May 01, 2008 - May Day! :-)

What is The Tekumel Project?

The Tekumel Project is a company formed to create a range of miniatures for MAR Barker's epic Tekumel setting, first published by TSR in the 1970's as the role-playing game entitled: "The Empire of the Petal Throne". Professor Barker's creation was the first fantasy role-playing game to feature a fully developed background, including actual languages. In addition to being a setting for role-playing the world has a rich military background for wargamer's to draw upon. It is this background upon which this range is based.

The range is called "The Armies and Enemies of the Petal Throne" and consists of 28mm figures from the Five Empires (Tsolyanu, Yan Kor, Mu'ugalavya, Salarvya and Livyanu); the nonhuman empire of Shenyu; various lesser nations (ie. Pechano, Saa Allaqi and N'lussa); the enemies of mankind, the Ssu and the H'luss; and various other creatures and personalities of the World.

The range is manufactured and sold by Eureka Miniatures of Australia. As of this date there have been four releases, the most recent just last month. More figures are yet to come! :-)

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  1. A good start sir - I will link this on my blog if you don't mind...