Saturday, 17 July 2010

Today I Converted a Llama...


...into a Hma - or rather, I started to.

MegaMiniatures has a blister of Ilamas for about $8-10: 1 x adult male, 2 x females and 2 x calves. I think the basic size and shape is about right though the picture in the Tekumel Bestiary (see above) gives them more of a hump and the neck is shown more horizontal (mind you it could be feeding.)

The main difficulty is that the Hma have six-legs so my conversion involves cutting a groove over the middle of the body in order to wrap a wire around so I can use some green or brown stuff to make the extra pair of legs. I might build up the back a bit and maybe lengthen the male's snout a little, but otherwise I think that should be that.

I also worked on making some funky polearms for my new Háida Pakála pirate rabble and started to paint the archers, as they don't need any conversion work. I really like the poses - especially the one starting to draw the bow back. The archers are probably my favourites of the Wako Pirates from Cavalcade Wargames.

And then we had a terrific Thunder Storm - Hail, the Whole Bit - and the power went down. Sort of: we had power but some stuff didn't work any more - like all the kitchen appliances, freezers, TV, DVD player, and computers. I thought we had been hit with a spike and that maybe everything was fried. Then the power went off totally. It's back up now, and as you can see nothing was fried - it was just a period of low-voltage for about 20 minutes before the power went down.

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  1. I'm glad that it seems nothing was 'zapped'!