Sunday, 18 July 2010

Painting Háida Pakálan Pirates 1

Made a bit of progress today on various stuff...Halberd designs for the Qól (thanks Jeff!) and deciding how to proceed with the mapping now Mark has left the project. Jesse is going to try a hand at it - the thing is what to do with the map Mark already made. I don't think I want to mix styles...

Anyway, I digress - the main point of this post is that I put paint on figures for the second day in a row! Woo Hoo! This is almost unprecedented as I can go years without painting a single figure! Generally what happens is I have to paint 800 figures for some game and it just burns me out.

Yesterday I cleaned up and primed the figures - today I started on the flesh. I'm using one of Foundry's Flesh Triads: #119 South American. Only I may just use the two darker shades as I tried them when I first received them in the spring and I thought the highlight shade was too - umm - "waxy." It spoiled the look I thought.

#119A-Shade with #119B over top looks quite nice, however. Man these guys are ripped - straight from the set of 300, some of them! I suppose the life of a Háida Pakálan ruffian is a bit of work. And so it should be, I wouldn't want to think their Tsolyáni and Salarvyáni victims were pushovers!

I also did a couple of Fortress Figures' Amazon hoplites who I converted a while ago by chopping off the helmets and giving them green stuff hair. These figures are by Bobby Jackson and are sporting a LOT of flesh - all of it, to be exact! ;-)

How better to try out flesh paint? :-)

Not sure if they are still available. The conversion was a real bugger as the metal wasn't very easy to cut through. I've still got about 8 more i was going to convert, but now that John is almost done our Light Infantry blanks that problem is solved!

(Obviously, I should have commissioned them in the first place!)

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