Sunday, 24 January 2010

Poll Closed

I have closed the poll over at the TekumelMinis-War yahoogroup. Here are the results:

At the Tekumel Project we are planning to start a "Tekumel Club". Members would pay a yearly fee (the monies from which would go straight into production costs) and in return would be able to purchase selected figures at a reduced rate and also some exclusive "Members Only" figures.

The figures would only be those available directly from us and not the military figures that Eureka sells.

We currently have two such mini-ranges in the works, both involving creatures that have never been produced before. I hope that both will be well received. I don't want to say too much but one of the Enemies of Man will be covered, while the other range focuses on one Temple.

The first "Members Only" figure would be the Saa Allaqani Princess Vrisa.

Are you interested in such a venture and what would be you level of interest?


- Not Interested., 0 votes, 0.00%
- Yes - $20 yearly membership, 7 votes, 20.00%
- Yes - $30 yearly membership, 6 votes, 17.14%
- Yes - $40 yearly membership, 6 votes, 17.14%
- Yes - $50 yearly membership, 12 votes, 34.29%
- Yes - Would Donate more, 2 votes, 5.71%
- Yes - I think the discount should match amount paid, 2 votes, 5.71%

I will post how the final scheme will look later today.

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