Tuesday, 15 February 2011

An Inventory of Sorts...

A number of people have been asking about the ranges we carry and those that were carried by Eureka. Here is a brief summary of our ranges:

Currently our ranges consist of:

The Armies and Enemies of the Petal Throne
(formerly carried by Eureka. Currently not generally available.)

1)The First Legion of Ever-Present Glory, inc General Kettukal;
2)The Legion of Serqu, Sword of the Empire;

Yan Kor
3)The Gurek of Tleku Miriya I;
4)The Gurek of Tleku Miriya II;
5)The Gurek of the Turquoise Eye;
6)The Gurek of the Valiant of Ke'er, inc Lord Fu Shi'i and Mihalli.

The World of Tekumel
(Introduced with The Tekumel Club. Available through the Tekumel Club.)

7)Hlutrgu - on foot and afloat;
8)Qol - first release (more to follow);

Upcoming Releases and Status:

9)Ahoggya - armoured and unarmoured - need to be mastered and production molds made;
10)Shen - soldiers and civilians (15 figures) - need production molds made;
11)Hlaka - on foot and flying (9 figures plus Prince Eselne and Hlaka Messenger vignette) - molds need to be sent to caster to be put in production. Vignette needs to be molded;
12)Swamp Folk - 3 versions currently being sculpted;
13)Pygmy Folk - 1 figure sculpted as part of puppeteer vignette;
14)Puppeteer Vignette - comprised of Puppet Master, 2 x puppets, pygmy folk assistant and three children - needs master and production molds making;
15)Sacrifice Vignette - based on illustration from EPT, comprises Evil High Priest, sacrifice chained to column, and chalice - needs to be mastered and molded;
16)Columns of Sacrifice - three columns with prisoners chained to them - 2 female, 1 male - need to be mastered and molded;
17)Misc. slave girl - need to be mastered and molded;
18)Princess Vrisa of Saa Allaqi - need to be mastered and molded;
19)Aridani Legion of Lady Mrissa - sponsored and commisioned - being sculpted;
20)The Legion of Mirkitani, Hero of Victories - sponsored and commissioned - being sculpted;
21)N'luss - concept sketches being prepared;
22)Pachi Lei - being sponsored and planned;
23)The Legion of Chegarra, the Hero-King - being sponsored - in planning;
24)Qol - balance of range being sculpted;
25)Temple of Ksarul - will follow on from Qol;
26)Temple of Sarku - planned to follow Sacrifice Vignette - in planning stages;

Additional Yan Koryani Gureks:

27)The Clan of the Silver Worm;
28) Rulla Gurek;
29) Makhis Gurek;
30) Defense Against Evil, and
- some ready to be mastered and molded, others need little additions or changes, or command figures (as in the case of Dharu/Vanu.)

Chlen Beast. Serudla - status unknown. Were "being sculpted"...


  1. Great to see all of these items coming down the pipeline. I certainly plan to join the Tekumel Club and purchase items once there is a wider selection in production.

  2. So what are the prices for a unit of Yan Kor ect

  3. so what are the prices are there discounts for member like with the Project figures I need to fill our my forces and get to painting

  4. I cannot give detailed prices until things are actually in production, but we will:

    1) try and follow the organization structure used for the Hlutrgu and the Qol. ie. "Warbands" and "Hordes";

    2) we will try and get as close to those prices - keeping in mind that metal costs seem to be rising and that some figures such as the Shen are many times larger than the human figures, never mind the Hlutrgu!

    3) all our ranges will be sold as part of the Tekumel Club and thus members will get their discounts.

    Best Regards,

    Howard Fielding