Sunday, 5 December 2010

What larger set?

The Chamber of Sacrifice

I mentioned that the sacrifice vignette is going to be part of a larger set. I am working with Federico on producing a "Chamber of Sacrifice" set which will include resin scenery pieces. The above pictures show the floor templates I had laser cut by Litko Aerosystems.

The two greens of female captives chained to columns shown in the picture above are some sculpts that Federico did earlier and previewed on the Frothers site. I liked them and was inspired with an idea for a themed terrain piece. I emailed Federico and purchased the greens and asked him to do the male captive also shown above.

The screws standing in the pictures show where additional columns will be located. When the three captives have been mastered I will send them back to Federico to get versions with some scraps of clothing. I have also requested a column without any captive chained to it.

Having advanced thus far I began considering what else we could do. Perhaps a well or abyss in the central floor piece? Then I remembered the EPT art and requested Federico to sculpt that as a vignette. The concept being we can offer it separately or as part of the larger "Chamber of Sacrifice" set.

There are plans afoot for a general Temple of Sarku/Durritlamish release of companion figures: guards, priest/priestesses, acolytes, drummers, horn blowers, worshippers, etc. I am gathering ideas - so if you have any let me know.


  1. Here's an idea for the Sarku/Durritlamish companion figures: undead family members.

  2. Also, you might want to consider some kind of wormy/tentacly demon thingie emerging from the center of the sacrifice chamber.