Saturday, 11 September 2010

How about this?

Again with the Mystery Figures

Know what they are yet? :-)


  1. Hmmmm...a sorceror-adventurer with attendant familiars (and maybe a clan nephew)?

  2. There is magic of a sorts involved, but not any that is commonly known. The man and the kid are not related - or at least, unlikely to be related. The Pygmy folk is indeed his assistant. Not all the figures are shown - there are two other young children, plus another "familiar" - though that isn't quite the right word... ;-)

  3. (Bouncing up and down in seat at back of classroom, with hand in the air)

    "I know! I know!"

    And I'm gonna get me some of these, too; I have a game scenario that just cries out for them!


    [Word verification: "bings"; what you get when you get hit on your helmet by a Tinaliya who's on a ladder trying to tighten a nut.]