Sunday, 17 January 2010


...or "General" in Tsolyáni.

IIRC, it also means "plan, strategy".

What is it?

It's the large battle wargames rules we are developing in cooperation with Two Hour Wargames, and based upon the "Warrior Heroes" wargames rules of old.

Not much more to tell, except we will be taking Ed's Reaction System and adding all the Tekumeli elements required: Qadarni vs Qadardali, battlefield stratagems, the pre-battle duels, the distinctive non-human races, and, of course, the offensive and defensive magic contingents.

I hope to profile some of the legions involved in the Yan Kor war and offer scenarios based upon those campaigns.

I've already started commissioning art for the book from Mark Allen, the artist doing A Band of Joyous Heroes.


Howard Fielding

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