Sunday, 20 March 2011

A Worm for Lord Sárku

Over on the Frothers forum, Hive Trygon has posted some pics of a sculpt he has been working on. To my mind it would make a perfect servitor for Lord Sárku, whether in the depths of the Underworld or in some Inner Shrine of the Temple of the Worm Lord.

It would not look out of place as an encounter in Ix's Humanspace Empires, either...


  1. "The torches and lanterns seemed to dim, and the air to grow chill. From the darkness of the opening behind th alter emerged a being of terror, a writhing worm as tall as five men. it glistened with mucous that spat and hissed upon the stone floor. One groping mouth leaned forth, and a gobbet of slime struck one of the sacrifices who fell, screaming, as his arm boiled away to reveal the white gleam of bone."

    Mitlanyal, Volume 2: The Gods of Change. Sarku, Interlude.

  2. That is one horrific worm monster...