Sunday, 13 March 2011

In from the "Cold"...

"Cold Wars" that is - we arrived back from the HMGS-East "Cold Wars" convention in Lancaster PA this afternoon after a nice seven hour drive. (Unlike the trip down which was taken in rain and, in some places, very thick fog.)

I had a great time: played a few games, caught up with some friends and bought a bunch of stuff. Made some good buys, including some sort of [Battletech] Drop Pod (?) from Iron Wind Metals which I think will make the nice basis for one of the spherical tube car designs. They had a few "seconds" that they were selling for half-price ($15) as there were slight irregularities in the molding. The thing isn't really a sphere, but is shaped more like a 3" round resin teardrop with the "tail" cut off flat just where it starts, forming - for my purposes - a handy base for the car. I think that once the car is placed in the appropriate circular tubeway entrance this will not be visible and it will appear like a perfect sphere. The slots for the leg struts from the original pod just need to be covered with card and a door crafted and it is done. I think the door could be one of those card pieces that will cover the slots or, perhaps better, one of the conveniently placed rectangular panels in the side.

Update: It is a "Union" drop pod per this painted example on CoolMiniorNot. In this example, one of the slots for the legs is front and center in the pic. There are four of theses spaced about the body. The flames are where the truncated part of the "teardrop" is. Front-left is one of the rectangular panels that I am considering converting into a door.

Update 2: Here is the link to the thing on the Iron Wind Metals site.

I also took a gander at the new Qól figures that Rod has done for us - they are Sweet! :-) I have asked him to do a couple of more figures:

(1) a figure standing "at attention" such as a guard - this could then have one of the halberds, standard or lanterns that are borne by the other figures, and

(2) a figure with a large open book. I previously showed a picture of a Qól carrying an ornate box which some took to be a book so I thought I should add a book.

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