Monday, 1 March 2010

Finally an Update!

A peak at the upcoming Ahoggya

Lord Freshshayu hiTuruken

The Ahoggya is a blank which will be used to make a few variants. So it isn't quite done yet - sorry!

Lord Freshshayu is Kerdu of the Tsolyani Legion of the City of Chri, 7th Imperial Shen Auxiliary Heavy Infantry. He is a bit eccentric and has had armour fashioned to make him resemble a Shen. The Shen "tolerate" him...


  1. Very Nice!

    Looks like the Ahoggya will fit onto a 40mm wide base, yes?

  2. Thanks!

    re. base. Umm, I guess so. I haven't actually seen the thing up close yet - in fact, I usually get my miniatures a few months after everybody else.

  3. Wow! The greens just keep getting better and better! This should be a great year for the Tekumel Project. At least I hope it is.