Monday, 9 November 2009

Fall In!

Had the pleasure of attending "Fall In!", one of the Historical Miniature Gaming Society(HMGS)-East's conventions, over the weekend. This was only the third time I've attended this convention, but it is always fun. It is held in Gettysburg and it's great to see the battlefield again every year. Of course, it's a seven (plus) hour drive down from Kingston - and at conventions one never gets enough sleep - so I am still recovering.

While there I managed to pick up numerous Tekumel-related items: some cool terrain from the bring-and-buy, and some suitable figures, including a big box-o-lead containing Ral Partha Aztecs and a Sarku Warrior Priest. The latter was from Viking Forge (one of the old Asgard figures, I believe). The Aztecs are true-25s, and so are small compared with our range, but I reckon they will represent skirmishing youths. The box also had bits for numerous palaquins: a few complete and a lot of partials. The best thing is all the seated palaquin riders - these I hope to use as seated Elders. I picked up several sprues of Aztec back-banners or feathers in an different seller's bits box, and I will use those to give each Elder a unique staff or rod.

I love having civilians in my games - they are often essential parts of the scenery. This find will go a long way to providing suitable crowds for town and city scenes, or those on the Sakbe Road.

In addition, I was able to get two playtests of a Joyous Band of Heroes in. It's shaping up slowly. My friend managed to "break" (ie. mini-max) the character generation system - I think that is fixed now. More testing needed...

Will try to get back to the Battle of Ry serialization tomorrow - apologises for the break.

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