Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A Band of Joyous Heroes

A slight delay in getting the 60% draft out. I can't type fast enough it seems. On the plus side, there will be more to the Magic Section as that "brainwave" I mentioned was basically a system for assigning a Rep to the Spells based on their traits.

A Spell has a Reputation (Rep) indicating how difficult it is to cast and control. The traits describe the spell: it's duration, range, area of effect, etc. The Rep is a sum of all the trait values. An example is Range: Self (0 points), Touch (1 point), Close = 5 x Caster Rep in inches on the tabletop (2 points), etc.

I was at something of a loss on handling spells as, while I had a method for casting, I didn't have a method for rating the spells. This system, which derives from a system I used to use in the late '80s, provides just that method.

Then there are the space considerations and I was despairing about the sheer number of spells, and how many to include and which to exclude. This system will allow us to describe a few spells, offer hints about others and let the players and GM's come up with their own specifics.

Or so I hope! :-)

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