Sunday, 11 October 2009

A Band of Joyous Heroes

Work on the game is ongoing. With luck I hope to have the 60% draft version out tomorrow or Tuesday. This may have the bare bones of my proposed Encounter system. It will have a pretty-much finalized combat system (Yes, I have made some amendments). I have yet to type up the Unarmed Combat section, however.

It will also include the proper reaction charts this time, though these are still a work in progress. I am trying to incorporate Noble Action into them...

The non-human intelligent races should also have something in there.

What will probably be missing is any in-depth expansion to the magic section, though I did have a bit of a brainwave while walking the dawg just now.

And the section on backgrounds and force creation may or not be there. I have composed it over and over again in my head, but nothing has been typed in yet.

I've made progress with the Talents and Flaws, though some are still either un-defined or ill-defined.

The Challenge System might be better fleshed out. I've decided to go with the basic system 2HW uses in All Things Zombie and actually define [typical] mods for special situations.

Artwork: still trying to line up one or more artists. Bill Acheson, who is doing some great work on Fauna for the game, reminded me today about an artist who is already into Tekumel. (Remember Hapless?) I'll have to try and get in touch...

Gotta Go,



  1. I'll look forward to seeing this! Interest in the skirmish game is building for November, and I think we'll have a good time with your rules.

  2. Ah, the gent that did the 'Hapless' series would be great for artwork... can not remember the name though!

  3. Hello all, and thanks to Howard for letting me add my ideas.

    My thoughts on creates is that they have an Intelligence (Semi-Intelligent or Instinctual); Demeanor (how they react to unusual circumstasnces - so far I have Timid, Aggressive, and Trained; Lethality (Docile to Very Dangerous) - similar to Reputation for player characters; Size (Tiny to Gigantic), and Speed (Very Slow to Very Fast); and lastly any special abilities and/or flaws.

    Intelligence and Demeanor determine what Reaction Chart to use, Lethality is the starting numnber of dice for combat, and Size and Speed add or subtract to the dice. Special abilites and flaws may also add or sutract dice.

    These are just preliminary ideas, and will probably change.

    Here's an example
    Zrné “the Barbed One”

    This vicious, six-legged hunter is one of the most dangerous animals of Tékumel. It is found in deep forests, jungles and mountainous foothills. A slightly larger subspecies is also found in the highlands of Jánnu and Kilalámmu.

    [insert picture here, maybe of Hapless of the Clan of Hapless Wanderers w/ zrne]

    Intelligence: Instinctual
    Demeanor: Aggressive
    Lethality: Very Dangerous 4D6
    Size: Moderate +0 to Large +1
    Protection: None
    Speed: Very Fast +2
    Movement: 16”
    Number: 40% 1-5
    60% 2-20
    Talents: Ambush
    Poisonous Bite (Speed 1, Toxicity 3, Incapacitating)